Pantry Ants

Happy Mother’s Day! Another beautiful spring day after the rains came, and another antvasion. Ugh. I did have visions of doing something other than cleaning out the pantry today, but oh well. I need an antervention.

Back to Deuce

It’s a sure sign of spring – the ants show up looking for the party on the pantry shelves, marching dutifully to nowhere in particular. They’re so busy! All those little legs purposefully striding with no sense of direction. This annual pilgrimage accosts me at the core – violating the sanctity and sanitation of my precious pantry. And yet, they turn a blind eye, impervious to my anxiety and contempt. Oi vey.

A truly fabulous addition to the family, this pantry was created from enclosing an unused porch as part of our kitchen makeover four years ago. With three busy children, we had been clenched in a tight squeeze for storage in the kitchen, with our garage a de facto extended pantry, which the field mice really appreciated. Hope all those gnawed tortilla chips and pasta didn’t mess up their low-carb aspirations.

The new walk-in pantry was a revelation. So…

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